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  • HDL IP Cores

    Ajax Compilers offers a range of IP Cores. Many of them have been developed using HercuLeS technology.

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  • Raccoon

    configuRAble Compiler COmpiler frOnt-end generatioN. A tool for generating compiler front-ends using a BNF grammar.

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  • Services

    Ajax Compilers develops robust software and hardware of any size and complexity using efficient processes and tools.

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  • Publications

    Research publications illustrating technology solutions developed by Ajax Compilers.

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Welcome to AJAX Compilers!

Ajax Compilers develops ESL/high level synthesis and compilation tools for electronic systems development. Our technology uses advanced techniques to dramatically reduce electronic systems development time, cost and time to market without compromising implementation quality and allow for easy and fast introduction of differentiating features.


HercuLeS is a high level synthesis tool for mapping high-level application specifications on ASICs/SoCs and FPGAs. HercuLeS synthesizes sequential C code to production quality RTL VHDL code compatible with all standard EDA ASIC/SoC and FPGA flows and automatically generates testbenches for functional simulation of the generated code. 

HercuLeS is a high level EDA tool raising the design process at the algorithmic/functional level where code development, verification and design reuse are much easier. In this way, HercuLeS reduces both time to market and development effort and also allows more time to be spent on differentiating, value-adding activities such as introduction of superiority features, reduction of cost/power etc.

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